What we’re teaching

Changing behaviour through education and equipping people across Africa with the skills and knowledge they need to enable the blue economy.

Educating to enable

A seasoned approach to the blue economy requires knowledge. The key to a thriving blue economy lies in developing relevant, high-quality educational resources for use across Africa, in support of sustainable development and waste management. Our unique e-learning platform, the African Waste Academy, is the first of its kind on the continent. It serves as an active hub for collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing, capacity building and support, all aimed at mitigating marine pollution challenges across Africa.

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Our top-class performances

By enabling and educating, here’s what we’ve achieved over four years.

The African Waste Academy

The African Waste Academy offers online training courses and supplementary resources for the people of Africa and beyond to support sustainable waste management and anti-littering initiatives.

Curriculum-aligned resources and school programmes

We have developed and tested curriculum-aligned resources and educational programmes that tackle the issue of plastic waste in schools and communities.

Curriculum-aligned resources for educators

These resources have been tailored to align with the curricula of seven Western Indian Ocean countries, enabling teachers to integrate educational content about plastic pollution into their classrooms. The material is also available as an online course for educators.

African Waste Academy

Enabling Africa through e-learning

The African Waste Academy (AWA) is a far-reaching, e-learning initiative that shares skills, knowledge, and ideas across Africa to the blue economy. Well-developed education programmes and learning facilities are easily accessible, meeting the requirements of multiple sectors – educators, learners, researchers, businesspeople, industry experts and provincial and national government across Africa. In addition, the AWA coordinates student and expert exchanges between Africa and other continents, promoting skills transfer and hosting external scholarships, fellowships, as well as internships.

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African Youth Network

A generation that can create change

The African Youth Network is a dynamic platform that facilitates collaboration, resource development, and knowledge sharing among the youth within and across countries. The African Youth Network is on a mission to achieve ‘Zero Waste to the Seas of Africa’. We want healthier and cleaner oceans, and we need collaborative, creative, enthusiastic bright minds to realise this goal.

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Education on all levels

Marine waste education

We develop curriculum-aligned educational materials and books to equip educators in teaching learners about marine waste.

Education Reference Book: A Guide to Plastics and their Management

The A to Z of plastics, from raw materials to final product and after-use processes. It also includes the roles of producers, distributors, retailers, consumers and municipalities in the plastic lifecycle.

Accessible e-learning across Africa

Our African Waste Academy offers online access to a range of tools and educational resources.

Resource material

We share research documents, publications, and guidebooks to mitigate plastic waste.

The Guidebook to Developing National and Regional Action Plans for the Management of Plastics in Africa

Outlines steps needed to mitigate waste at all stages of the plastics value chain.

Be a part of the African Waste Academy for Africa’s seas

We’re looking for like-minded people to upskill and be a part of creating a flourishing blue economy for Africa.

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