COVID-19 Waste Campaign

1Eddie edited 300x298 1Western Cape waste management response to COVID-19:

Eddie Hanekom, the Director of Waste Management in the Western Cape, describes some of the challenges that have faced members of the waste sector during the COVID-19 lockdown period. He provides some figures of PPE waste generated in past months as well as the adaptive solutions which have been implemented to dispose of waste while trying to minimize the spread of COVID-19.Click here to view Eddie’s presentation.


Cecilia NjengaBuilding effective partnerships to address COVID-19 waste management challenges: South Africa’s multi-partner platform:

Cecilia Njenga, the head of United Nations Environment Programme in South Africa, discusses some of the challenges that COVID-19 has presented and the country wide multi-partner approach that is being implemented to try and address these challenges in different sectors. The platform focuses on four main areas, namely informal waste sector and waste reclaimers, municipalities, communication and education, SMMEs and innovation in order to meet three main objectives. Click here to view Cecilia’s presentation.


Lee 3 300x300 1Let’s talk about masks:

Lee Barker, one of the directors of Waystd discusses the launch of their business making masks from recycled PET bottles and the experience of starting a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) during lockdown. In discussion with the audience, Lee talks about other upcoming products tailored to limit the production of plastic waste.


Luyanda 2 300x294 1Waste reclaimers are an important part of the value chain of waste in South Africa:

Luyanda Hlatshwayo speaks to us about his experiences as a waste reclaimer in Gauteng and the impacts of COVID-19 on the reclaiming sector of the waste value chain. He discusses some of the challenges facing the community and how circumstances shifted during lockdown.


Matthew from WESSA 297x300 1Martin 300x300 1Environmental Education in the COVID-19 Lockdown period:

We were joined by Matthew Cocks, the General manager of WESSA On Wheels, and Martin Roediger from Scouts SA to discuss how COVID-19 and lockdown affected their Youth programmes. Matthew and Martin give some background on their organisations as well as how they adapted their activities during the pandemic. Click here to view Matthew’s presentation. 





WC waste management response to COVID-19 by Eddie Hanekom:


Building effective partnerships to address COVID-19 waste management challenges: South Africa’s multi-partner platform by Cecilia Kinuthia Njenga:


Let’s talk about masks by Lee Barker:


Waste reclaimers are an important part of the value chain of waste in South Africa by Luyanda Hlatshwayo:


Environmental Education in the post-COVID-19 Lockdown period by Matthew Cocks and Martin Roediger:

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