AWA Webinar Series 5

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Webinar | 0 comments

The African Waste Academy’s fifth webinar series took place on the 12th of November 2019 with Maria Grewar’s presentation “Bartering’s not dead” where she discussed the ReTrade Project. Maria, who is the founder and director of the non-profit, spoke about how the ReTrade project started and expressed some of the motivations behind the swap shop concept.

Maria shared a story from one of their regular traders (which can be seen in the presentation below) and talks about the operational process of running a swap shop, sourcing recyclers, and playing an active role in the community. The non-profit aims to encourage environmental responsibility while providing people with basic goods through a hand up not a hand-out.


“Bartering’s not dead” by Maria Grewar:



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