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We’re looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Value for self and others

We interact with people and communities across Africa, guided by a strong set of values. These qualities are essential to us, and if they resonate with you, we’d love to have you on board.

Credible, Observant, and Analytical


We pay close attention to the world and are a peer-reviewed, science-based organisation. Deeply researched and well-documented knowledge is the foundation of moving towards a sustainable future.



Working together through collaboration, cooperation, and a sense of community creates the most lasting impact. We’re committed to enabling and uplifting individuals along their journey.



We take action and hold ourselves accountable to ensure we make a meaningful and positive impact.

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If you are passionate about making a difference to Africa’s seas for the benefit of all her people, share your skills and details with us, and we’ll connect with you.

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