PhD in Avian Physiology, Nelson Mandela University (2011-2022)
MSc in Mammal Physiology, Nelson Mandela University (2009-2010)
BSc Honours in Small Mammal Conservation, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2007-2008)
Baccalaureus Scientiae in Geography and Zoology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2004-2007)
A Levels IGCSE, John Mackenzie High School, Francistown, Botswana (2003)
AS Levels IGCSE & O Levels ZGCE, Arundel High School, Harare, Zimbabwe (1998-2002)


Stacey has an extensive and diverse professional background, having worked in both academic and non-profit sectors. She has managed the Eastern Cape operations for SANCCOB, focusing on the rehabilitation and finance of two centres. Stacey has also been the Managing Director of Wyldegrove Pty Ltd, a company specialising in organic fertilisers, and has owned and managed Smart Bums, an eco-friendly retailer. In academia, she has served as a lecturer and tutor in the Department of Zoology at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Her previous role as the Executive Director at SST involved overseeing financial management, human resources, and collaborative partnerships. She now has the mantle of Head of Marine and Coastal Impact Programmes and works directly with senior management to set SST’s strategic conservation goals, translate these into operational marine conservation objectives, and ensure our limited resources are allocated appropriately towards effective program support.

Skills & Expertise

Public Speaking
Data Handling and Analysis
Financial Management
Team Leadership
Report Writing

Impact at SST

In her former role as Executive Director at SST, Stacey has been instrumental in steering the organisation's focus towards a more sustainable future. She has managed eight individual budgets with a yearly turnover of 15-17 million Rand, meticulously ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently. Her aptitude for creating collaborations across corporate, government, and non-profit sectors has greatly expanded the impact and reach of SST's work. Stacey has also represented SST in national and international forums, contributing to the broader discourse on sustainable marine ecosystems.


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Popular Articles:

Webb, S.L. 12 December 2008: De Aar Echo; “A Dying Species on Your Doorstep?”

Webb, S.L. April 2009 pg 18: Richmond Nuus; “The southern African hedgehog”

Webb, S.L. May 2009 pg 16-17: Richmond Nuus; “Research in your area: The southern African hedgehog (Krimpvarkie)”


2011-2022 Completed a PhD in avian physiology at Nelson Mandela University.
Thesis entitled: 2022 Moult and energetics in three species from the Euplectes genus representing a gradient of elaborate plumage ornamentation. PhD, Nelson Mandela University.

2009-2010 Completed a MSc in mammal physiology at Nelson Mandela University.
Thesis entitled: 2011 Heterothermy and seasonal patterns of metabolic rate in the southern African hedgehog (Atelerix frontalis). M. Sc, Nelson Mandela University.

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