2014 BSc Environmental Sciences
2015 BSc Hons (Zoology)
2017 MSc Zoology cum laude


Amarein started at SST in 2018 as the Office Administrator. Soon after she was tasked with setting up the SST Sample Preparation Laboratory and has been successfully leading SST’s microplastics toxicity project, whilst also assisting on other projects including beach and river litter monitoring and research into sea-based sources of waste. Amarein has set up national and international collaborations to expand SST’s microplastics research.

Skills & Expertise

Research into terrestrial ecology assessing predator diets
Project management and coordination
Financial management and budget tracking
Stakeholder engagement
Workshop facilitation
Public speaking
Writing peer-reviewed articles and progress reports
Production of research method manuals
Presenting scientific research at national and international workshops and conferences
Data management and analysis
Field and laboratory work

Impact at SST

Amarein has been leading the microplastic toxicity project since 2018. Since then, she has set up a sample preparation laboratory, collected and processed almost 1000 organisms, including mussels and fish, for pollutant analyses, published two peer-reviewed articles and one Sample Preparation Manual. Some of these organisms were sent to an international laboratory to be analysed for bisphenols, which was the first study looking into bisphenols in Algoa Bay. This research forms the baselines for microplastic-related pollutants in South Africa. Through training other African researchers on sample preparation methods, Amarein has ensure that methods for plastic-related pollutants in Africa are harmonized and baseline studies on such pollutants in the marine environment are initiated.


Amarein J. Fourie, Ryan C. Uren, Danica Marlin, Hindrik Bouwman, Metals and co-presence of other pollutants in mussels (Perna perna) around Algoa Bay: Human consumption safety concerns, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 185, Part B, 2022,

Gabriela Castro, Amarein J. Fourie, Danica Marlin, Vishwesh Venkatraman, Susana V. González, Alexandros G. Asimakopoulos, Occurrence of bisphenols and benzophenone UV filters in wild brown mussels (Perna perna) from Algoa Bay in South Africa, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 813, 2022,

Sample Preparation Manual for the Analysis of Plastic-Related Pollutants

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