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African Marine Litter Monitoring Manual, Second Edition

This second edition of the manual introduces new methods to assess litter upstream, including land-based sources and waterways.


Peer Review

Implementing land-based litter surveys through visual inspection of imagery using unmanned aerial vehicles

Understanding the location of dumping sites, or where littering occurs, is needed for effective and efficient waste management efforts. South Africa experien...

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Peer Review

Metals and co-presence of other pollutants in mussels (Perna perna) around Algoa Bay: Human consumption safety concerns

Elevated metal concentrations can become harmful to marine organisms and to humans that consume them. Metal concentrations at multiple sites around Algoa Bay...



Sample Preparation Manual for the Analysis of Plastic-related Pollutants

The occurrence of plastics in the natural environment has been reported from the most remote places on earth. As such, there is growing global concern about ...

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Peer Review

Occurrence of bisphenols and benzophenone UV filters in wild brown mussels (Perna perna) from Algoa Bay in South Africa

Bisphenols and benzophenone UV filters are contaminants present in a wide variety of plastic materials and consumer products. The scientific attention toward...

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Peer Review

The first baseline estimation of marine litter in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Data on marine litter is crucial to guide waste management but is scarce in third-world countries such as South Africa. We established the first baseline mea...



African Marine Litter Monitoring Manual, First Edition

Universally, concerns are mounting over the ubiquitous increase in plastic in waterways and oceans of the world. It is commonly stated that about 80% of plas...


Peer Review

The African Marine Waste Network and its aim to achieve ‘Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa’

In response to the global pollution crisis, the United Nations Environmental Assembly has called upon all people to commit to its initiative ‘Towards a Pollu...

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