Marine education

Education is core to what SST does. It’s key to resolving many of South Africa’s major socio-economic and environmental challenges. To this end, it has produced a number of educational films, as well as a book, which is used to raise funds. We also host photo walks along the rocky shores of Kenton-on-Sea.

Photographic walks

These fun, educational family photo walks are hosted by photographers or marine scientists along the rocky shores of Kenton-on-Sea, and are accessible to all ages and skill levels. The walks incorporate both simple photography skills and lessons about the marine environment and its conservation. Children are encouraged to interact with the ecosystems in an environmentally friendly way, and to document their interaction. The walks are designed to instill a love for science and the ocean in young learners.

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SST Kenton Easter Photo

(Cherry Smith) 


SST Kenton Easter Photo

(Andrea Mulder) 


SST Kenton Easter Photo

(Mike Hutton) 


Photo Walk in Kenton on Sea


Photo Walk in Kenton on Sea

Beach clean-ups

SST occasionally takes part in or initiates beach clean-ups. This year, around International Coastal Clean-Up Day on 15 September, we initiated a week-long event. To find out if we’re running any events near you, check our Facebook page.


SST / International Coastal Cleanup Week


Bridge to Beach
Cleanup Kenton on Sea


Cleaning our Hope Spots across South Africa


International Coastal Clean-up Day, East London


Klipfontein Primary School Community, Marselle


Educational Support Group – River Clean Up


International Coastal Clean-up  Kenton on Sea

Educational material

SST occasionally produces books and educational films on coastlines, tides, pollution and maritime careers in an effort to grow knowledge about our oceans and ecosystems, as well as to encourage young learners to become scientists.

Book: South African Coasts, A celebration of our seas and shores

‘It is easy for our minds to fixate on the ‘big’ things in the sea – fish, dolphins, turtles and birds – but underpinning their existence is an amazing array of invertebrates and algae that are staggering in their diversity, beauty and ecological importance.’

UCT Emeritus Professor George Branch is just one of many academics, ocean activists and lovers, and photographers who have contributed to this book about South Africa’s special coastline, which is about 3 000kms long. It’s divided into five sections, covering Hope Spots; coastal and ocean landscapes; marine life; sport, recreation and fishing; and culture and history, each richly illustrated with beautiful images. Funds raised from sales of this book go towards our Educational Trust.

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Educational films

SST has been producing films since 2007 aimed at growing awareness about South Africa’s coastal ecosystems, tides, pollution and maritime careers. Films provide a very powerful tool in terms of understanding and appreciating environmental and human situations. They’re important for education, sharing ideas, promoting conservation, and influencing decisions within communities, the business sector and government. Films are also an excellent tool to allow people to experience the environment both above and below water. See our video gallery below.

All SST films are copyrighted but may be obtained from us for educational and conservation purposes.


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