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Knysna Hope Spot


Knysna is notable because it’s the world’s first estuarine Hope Spot. It’s located within the Garden Route National Park, surrounded by incredible coastal shrub, with over 6000 species from the Cape Floral Kingdom.


The estuary is South Africa’s most significant thanks to its remarkable biodiversity. Due to the coexistence of both marine and endemic estuarine forms, a myriad species occur here, including the Knysna Seahorse and the Knysna goby, two rare fish species that occur in this 1 800 hectare expansive estuary

representative species

Knysna seahorse (Hippocampus capensis) These amazing, fantastical creatures are tiny; they only grow to about 12 centimetres in length. There are over 30 kinds of seahorses, but only five are evident around southern African shores, of which this is one. The Knysna seahorse, which ranges in colour from green to brown, is only found in the Knysna, Keurbooms and Swartvlei estuaries and is endangered.

The Hope Spots is a citizen-driven project, and we’re still gathering our list of things to do in this Hope Spot. If you have some suggestions, please mail these to info@sst.org.za with the words ‘Hope Spot things to do’ in the subject line.