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Our Projects

Our greatest challenge in the 21st century is balancing our growing population, the economic growth that requires, and the demands that puts on our environment. Keeping our ecosystems healthy and balanced is vital for our own survival. A robust ocean ecosystem is critical; we depend on it as a food source, and for the air that we breathe.

Sustainable Seas Trust’s work focuses on tackling some of the greatest threats we face today, from plastic pollution in the sea, to education about ocean conservation. We take a science-based approach – all our projects are underpinned by research projects. We focus on stopping plastic waste as source in our African Marine Waste Network, inspiring a love for and understanding of the sea in our Mission Blue Hope Spots, and education about conservation of coastlines in our Marine Education programmes.

African Marine Waste Network

Our AMWN works to develop better waste-management strategies in Africa and foster enterprise development.

Hope Spots

These are marine areas of ecological and biodiversity significance around the world.  There are six Hope Spots in South Africa.  

Marine Education

Our programmes teach people about the coastal ecosystem and the effects of plastic pollution.