The Eastern Cape Committee is Leveling Up

Sustainable Seas Trust’s (SST) African Youth Waste Network (AYWN) has a vision: to bring the youth of Africa together in a dynamic network that works Towards Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa. The AYWN’s plan is to create teams – or committees – of passionate youth and to support and train them to develop young environmental leaders who will represent the voices of the youth across Africa. These committees will stand hand-in-hand, and share their knowledge, ideas, and solutions to deal with plastic pollution in our seas.

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The AYWN Eastern Cape Committee

In August 2020, SST was thrilled to welcome the first AYWN committee. Established in the Eastern Cape, the committee consists of eight young, vibrant, and talented women from different fields of study and backgrounds. These eco-warriors dedicate their time, passion, and creativity on a voluntary basis to the AYWN and have been making great strides in getting training and initiating new projects.

The committee recently completed a short course on how to create a business plan with SST’s Economic Incentives and Enterprises Department.  Armed with this new knowledge, they then started a project – the “Container Campaign” – on the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) campus to inspire people to use fewer single-use plastics. NMU, which is attended by many AYWN committee members, is situated close to one of South Africa’s beautiful coastlines, making the campaign to reduce the number of single-use containers on campus very important.

So, what is next for the team? Well, they will soon run a survey to find out if NMU staff and students separate waste for recycling, or why they do not. The team will then share their findings with the student community in a webinar to start a conversation on plastic pollution. Already, these eight ladies are making a positive impact in their community. SST is excited to see what they do next.

You Can Be Part of the Movement to Stop Plastic Pollution to Africa’s Seas.

SST is now looking to establish a second committee, to be based in KwaZulu-Natal.  If you feel you can add to the team, visit the SST website and follow the easy steps to register online. Alternatively, email SST at info@sstafrica.org.za.

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Join the African Youth Waste Network today and be the catalyst for change in Africa!

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