Enviro Buddies Celebrate Club Launch with Clean-Up

by | Apr 22, 2021 | News | 0 comments

This April, SST established their first school’s environmental club. Consisting of 14 learners from Grades 8 to 10, the Motherwell High Enviro Buddies aim to create awareness about environmental issues and inspire others by doing practical work within their community.

To celebrate the launch of the club, the Enviro Buddies decided to participate in SST’s Operation Clean Spot, which will see the club adopt an area in their neighbourhood which they will clean, and keep clean, of litter. The Enviro Buddies will also work with other organizations, such as Giving them Wings, to maintain a community garden.

Motherwell High Enviro Buddies and SST staff working tirelessly in the community garden.

The youth can play an important role in driving positive change in our communities, and environmental clubs provide just the platform for young people to initiate projects to achieve such change. SST Education is, therefore, committed to supporting the youth and schools in establishing and running environmental clubs.

Contact SST at education@sstafrica.org.za, or call or WhatsApp 072 5083324 for more information.     


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