Easter Art Competition

by | May 1, 2020 | News | 0 comments

This year’s Easter saw many people all over the world indoors and in lock-down due to covid-19. With events closed and limited Easter egg hunts and celebrations, our film team created the Easter Art competition. Families and supporters were invited to participate by making Easter crafts out of their waste and recyclables. They were asked to film their arts and crafts and submit their videos to SST.

Despite cancelled plans and Easter egg hunts, our team wanted families and supporters to enjoy their Easter weekend, have fun and get creative. This was also a fun opportunity for children to learn about re-using their waste and recyclables. We want to teach people that waste has a value; that the product is still usable even after it’s fulfilled its initial intended purpose. Waste can be re-used and recycled, and it can become part of a circular economy.

The best videos from the Easter Art competition were selected. Watch the final video of the winners below:



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