Celebrating World Oceans Day with Caroline Reid Eco Warrior Award

There was much to celebrate in June as we wrapped up the World Oceans Day and World Environment Week (3-8 June) festivities in Durban with a win in the Caroline Reid Eco Warrior Awards.

Receiving this prestigious award* from Plastics SA, is a significant honour for SST, as it acknowledges our ongoing commitment to fostering partnerships, and protecting and restoring Africa’s rivers and waterways that feed into our oceans.

The event, held at uShaka Marine World, also presented Plastics SA with the opportunity to launch the highly anticipated Clean-Up And Recycle SA 2024 campaign.

This year’s Clean-Up and Recycle SA week will take place from 16 – 21 September and includes several key dates aimed at mobilising communities nationwide:

  • Clean-Up and Recycle Week SA: 16 – 21 September
  • National River Clean-Up Day: 18 September
  • National Recycling Day: 20 September
  • National Clean-Up Day: 21 September
  • World Clean-Up Day: 21 September
  • International Coastal Clean-Up: 21 September

For SST, the World Oceans Day and the Clean-Up and Recycle SA launch events provided an ideal opportunity to collaborate with fellow conservationists and like-minded individuals to explore actions that will build on the momentum and help actualise the theme of “Catalysing Action for Our Ocean and Climate” within their communities.

The importance of such collaboration in tackling the complexity and magnitude of the challenges our oceans face simply cannot be overstated. It allows for the integration of diverse perspectives, experiences, and actions that can lead to improved strategies and mutually agreed solutions.

*The Eco Warrior Awards are in memory of Caroline Reid, who dedicated her life to protecting marine environments, coordinating hundreds of beach and diving clean-ups along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline. Her exceptional networking skills and passion for conservation significantly increased awareness of marine pollution along the South African coastline. Caroline’s legacy continues to inspire and motivate us to strive for a cleaner and healthier ocean.

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