Addressing waste challenges through education

A big part of SST’s objective of addressing Africa’s waste challenges is educating our continent’s youth on why it’s critical that we keep our environments litter-free and healthy.

Recently, we presented at an educational event at The Willows Resort in Gqeberha for 50 pupils in grades 8 to 10 who receive support from One Life Child – a non-profit organisation dedicated to caring for orphans and the most vulnerable children in our global community.

On the day, SST shared why it’s become crucial that we all work together towards becoming stewards of our environments from an early age.

With a special focus on the negative effects of solid waste on our ecosystems, we shared with them the proper ways to dispose of waste, and about the practicalities of recycling and its environmental benefits. We also explained why making it a daily habit to separate recyclable items from general household waste is so vital in helping local waste management practices become more effective.

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