Operation Clean Spot

Do you want to be part of the next big movement to look after our environment? Do you know of a spot in Port Elizabeth that is covered in litter and pollution? Or are you already cleaning up a local spot?

Why not adopt a spot, give it a name of your choosing and pledge to look after it? Your adopted spot will go on our map and track your progress!

Explore the map to learn about this exciting project, learn where clean-ups are taking place in Port Elizabeth and the common types of litter found.

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Submit Your Clean-up

Datasheets for your clean-up

Data collection during your clean-up is an optional step.

If you would like to record what you have collected, feel free to select any of the four datasheet levels (increasing level of detail), fill it in and add it when you submit your clean-up to us.

Map Content

This map is a part of cleaning up Port Elizabeth. We are looking for initiatives of any size, shape and dirtiness. This map creates awareness of where the dirty spots are closest to you!