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Covid-19 Waste


Waste management is essential for an effective COVID-19 emergency response. United Nations Environment Programme, together with partners are joining forces to support the waste value chain in South Africa. This map represents multiple initiatives supporting the management of COVID-19 waste, across all scales and sectors in South Africa. If you are part of any waste initiative that is aimed at minimizing the impacts of COVID-19 on people and the planet, you should be on this map. Let’s grow the map and contribute to the sound management of COVID-19 waste.

For further information please email: map@sstafrica.org.za.


This map is part of creating a COVID-19 waste-related network across South Africa and increase spatial awareness of the multiple initiatives existing within the country! Is there an initiative in your community that is not on the map?

COVID-19 Add Initiative supporting the value chain

COVID-19 Add a waste collection or treatment initiative