The Second

International Conference

of the African Marine Waste Network

Towards Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa

20-23 April 2020
The Boardwalk Conference Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The theme of the conference is Towards Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa indicating a drive to stop plastics and other waste on land, at source, from finding its way to the seas. This also means cleaning up the plastics on land. The approach is to find solutions. Delegates from within Africa are being invited to share their ideas, activities and recommendations on how to reduce the flow of plastics into the environment and ultimately to the sea. Delegates from other continents are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences and to transfer skills as part of their contributions to Africa’s endeavour to reach the goal of Zero Plastics to the Sea.

Not all plastics entering the seas come from land as sessions on plastic waste from vessels and rigs and on Ghost Gear will demonstrate with recommendations on how to cut-off these sources of plastic.

Plastics touch the lives of everyone, everywhere, every day. It is a wonderful material, but poorly managed. This conference is for everyone, for those from different disciplines to work together Towards Zero Plastics to the Sea and for those people of Africa who will become part of the movement and ultimate beneficiaries.

In addition to keynote and plenary lectures, there will be parallel sessions, stimulating discussion panels and thought provoking workshops, all of which will be geared to finding solutions that can contribute to development of a strategy to reach the target of Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa.

If you are involved in any aspect leading to better managing plastic in a way that your efforts are reducing the amount that might enter the environment and make its way to the seas, then plan to be at the conference.

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Some of the planned sessions are outlined below:


Research sessions

These sessions will embrace data gathering on macro-, meso- and micro-plastics, including use of remote sensing, establishing baselines, building evidence-based management strategies, measuring the effectiveness of interventions (i.e. monitoring progress) and the manner in which strategies need to be adapted to caning circumstances related to growth and development of coastal Africa.


Innovative ideas

In science and product development, research in human health and plastics, impacts of plastic on environmental health will be encouraged.


Capacity building and skills transfer will have inspiring sessions as will those dealing with public participation and citizen science.

Regional efforts

The forum will also be used to hear of different aspects of work being undertaken in different parts of Africa. For example, a session is being devoted to work in the Western Indian Ocean and we hope to have similar sessions for Abidjan Convention countries and other regions.

Cities, towns and municipalities

Are pivotal fully deserving of focused sessions.

Harnessing the circular economy

Promoting economic enterprises and providing economic incentives to better manage waste. These are also the areas in which the producers, retailers, consumers, recyclers all play a role too.
We are open to ideas for other sessions.
Please get in touch should you wish to get involved.

+27 76 608 3587
43 Donkin Street, Port Elizabeth Central, Port Elizabeth, 6001

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