About us

Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) is a science-based organisation that works to protect Africa’s marine resources for the benefit of all who live on the continent. 

Our Vision

Clean, healthy, sustainable seas and flourishing communities living alongside them.

Our Mission

To grow a network of stakeholders in the conservation and waste-management sectors to facilitate best practices around conservation of our seas, and the management of the waste that flows into them.

SST is a registered international charitable trust (IT 2203/2006), Public Benefit Organisation (PBO No: 930022444) and Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO No: 078-120-NPO). We are registered and administered by Nedgroup Trust and operate exclusively for charitable, scientific, educational, socio-economic and philanthropic purposes. Our funding comes primarily from governments, the corporate sector (including the plastics industry), multi-lateral donors, foundations and public donations.


If your company would like to donate to our programmes, you can benefit by receiving BEE points, please inform us and we’ll ensure your funds are directed towards BEE-approved activities.

Section 18A

Any individual or company that is a South African taxpayer is eligible for a tax rebate for donations to an NPO. Individuals are eligible to donate up to 10% of their taxable income and get a rebate on that. If a company donates R1 million or more, they can get a rebate on the whole amount.

SST will complete the section 18A receipt and give a copy to your company as the donor. You can then submit this to SARS with the rest of the company’s tax information.


Trust Registration: IT 2203/2006 | NPO Number: 078-120-NPO | PBO Number: PBO 930022444© Sustainable Seas Trust.