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Operation clean spot readies for launch

Let’s rid Nelson Mandela Bay of 90% of the mismanaged litter load!

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Since 1999, three enterprising women have been recycling and upcycling waste at the Motherwell Buy-Back Centre. Now, it has big ambitions to become a community recycling and environmental hub of Motherwell, Nelson Mandela Bay!


Calling all stakeholders in the plastic value chain from Africa to help inform the development of regional and national action plans.

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For the Second International Conference of the African Marine Waste Network

Towards Zero Plastics to the Seas of Africa

25 – 29 April 2022, Boardwalk Convention Centre, Port Elizabeth

Who we are

Sustainable Seas Trust is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that supports and connects communities across Africa through research, education, enterprise development and growing awareness about ocean conservation and plastic pollution. We also build networks, for sharing information and support, focused on waste management. Through our events and projects, the African Marine Waste Network, Hope Spots and Marine Education, we are bringing like-minded and passionate people together, locally and internationally, to manage the issues of plastic waste in Africa.


Why our work is important: Africa has some of the most exquisite, biodiverse and marine-rich coastlines in the world. We need to protect them. Waste-focused studies predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic littering Africa and entering its seas than any other continent. This vast pollution, combined with habitat destruction and over-fishing, stands to collapse the ocean’s ecosystems. That is not only a threat to our environment/ oceans, but also to us humans. In addition, addressing poverty and human health are fundamental in the fight against marine pollution. Healthy communities lead to a healthy environment.


Our mission

To grow a network of stakeholders in the conservation and waste-management sectors to facilitate best practices around conservation of Africa’s seas, and the management of waste at source, before it flows into them.

Our Projects

SST protects Africa’s oceans through education on plastic waste, conservation and fostering enterprise development 

African Marine Waste Network

Our AMWN works to develop better waste-management strategies in Africa and foster enterprise development.

Hope Spots

These are marine areas of ecological and biodiversity significance around the world.  There are six Hope Spots in South Africa.  

Marine Education

Our programmes teach people about the coastal ecosystem and the effects of plastic pollution.

This is all that should be floating in the ocean

Plastic pollution has a huge negative impact on the marine ecosystem. Our programmes work towards tackling plastic pollution at its source: on land.

From our Blog

Motherwell Community and Enviro Hub

Motherwell Community and Enviro Hub

A low wall, four containers and a metal gate. This unassuming facility on a barren municipal erf has big ambitions to be a community recycling and environmental hub of Motherwell in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, South Africa. Currently, the Motherwell Buy-Back...

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How to Make Eco-Bricks

How to Make Eco-Bricks

Eco-bricks are a low-cost and accessible building material that are made by compressing non-recyclable waste into PET bottles. They can help reduce plastic pollution by keeping small pieces of plastic from entering the environment or landfill, they can empower...

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Interns for Sustainability

Interns for Sustainability

Plastic pollution today is pervasive and persistent. It places an increasing strain on our land, freshwater and marine environments that are vital for sustaining life, human well-being, and economic development. Plastic pollution is a global challenge that calls for...

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Interns for Sustainability Webinars

Interns for Sustainability Webinars

As a continuation of the ongoing collaboration between SST's African Waste Academy and NTNU on the Interns for Sustainability programme, a weekly webinar series is taking place every Wednesday morning at 11:15 (GMT+2).   The Value of Waste: Insights from Africa...

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Interns for Sustainability Workshop

Interns for Sustainability Workshop

The introductory workshop for the Interns for Sustainability exchange programme was held on 26-28 January 2021. Due to COVID-19, the three-day programme took place virtually with selected speakers presenting in the morning session to provide different perspectives on...

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